The page UnreSoundtracker is now open -in tandem to this youtube channel – to mirror the reconstructions from this channel.

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Audio Ripper List

Alcea ryedai1

= ytrippers=
<* BlackCloud999 * Neo A.T. Rips (04/2023)
* Nick Gostone (04/2023)

AESTHETIC WAVES (chid) #restitches
*Vieux Chat (chid) #restitches
Skateralex516 #recomposes from scratch
TaliTundie 1 2 (Dub) #uses 5.1 BD Audio Streams
 barcasson splices
*Nendow (chid) (also does HxH)
*Lord M2A #restitches via cues available (simpler as DC is such a long running show)
* SeannyBravo (DigiDataSquad) #utilizes center channel extraction...
* Kazamy #stitches
* LiaFiugeora
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne~
• Mika Kiri (chid)
• “Precureguy (Ex: SonicTheHarineSumi)(wtf? 🤔)
~Kuzu no Honkai / Scums Wish
calabria.psg (chid)
 MoodyBeautifulAnimeandVGMusic # comission recomposes
 94lolface (chid) #stitches tracks via cues   #also uses MF links in their yt 'about' page
Sanji G66 (chid)<=> Karakuri
~~Rockman Exe~~
• LonNobady @Twitter (yt-mirror)
* Luke Jansen (chid) #recomposes from scratch (via FLStudio=
• MidniteWv4 (chid)
* Kharaxel @rockmanpm
~Ryuusei no Rockman~
• megacocorock (chid)
• crown-it-all (chid)
• King Of Gets (Ygo S0) (stitches)
Only Me (YGOS0) (recomposes)
* Orack
* Schmirk (ygo us cues) 
• Ace Kirifuda (YGO GX. 5DS)
• Migueru Kun (Ygo 5DS)
• Philosophical Doctor (5DS)
• yugidmx5 (5DS) acc suspended
• Max Ramos (5DS)
* 吳彥昕(YGO VRAINS) #leaves in too many voices etc...
ThunderBolt1026 (YGO GX)
* EpicBlarghman
*Spider Dalek #reconstructed


If it ain't broken.. Don't try to fix it.

Not sure why. But somehow later versions of tracks seem to get worse. (Here V3 of Jeannes “slow guitar theme” seems to work much better than V4... click )

Maybe I should change strategies, and splice with vocals so I can always try models in post ?

I suppose I'll dabble with new tracks for now, until I can figure out why “past me” was better at their job ;) Breaking tracks helps noone.

-diarykeeper ( dkpr yt )


Creating duplicate work

Seems sometimes, when working on “semi-released” Soundtracks for shows that have not all themes released ( f.ex. VRAINS) one might mistakenly reconstruct a theme that alread exist.

Or... recreate an ENTIRE soundtrack (click), only for that one to magically surface months later on tumbler ( click ).

While it might seem annoying, it gives one insight into: * How good ones rip\reconstruction was * What the tracks “real name” is (A question I actually get asked sometimes :p ) * How the track has been arranged from parts (important question !)

Fascinating stuff !

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Lead Overs

Obviously when reconstructing songs, it is vital to properly connect parts to make a seamless listening possible.

A good way to avoid repetition during such is a lead over

1) Lead1

2) Lead2

3) Lead3

(Yes I <3 Nier)

are good examples and the songs emselves can easily be listened ad nauseum as they never get boring.

Therefore it makes sense to try and interrupt a song part with such musical devices.


Requested songs and requestING songs

So far I've kept a list over here ProjectOverview

If you want a song “improved” feel free to comment to its corresponding video on this channel. Same goes if you want one done that hasn't been done yet. ( an episode# would help !)

However sometimes people want songs from shows that I have not worked on yet. In that case I will need: •Episode XY where the song plays (preferably every episode it plays in)

The best case scenario is always when I can reconstruct a song STRAIGHT up from source material. •Every Living Being: click and •Happy Theme 06: click f.ex. were so serviceable, I consider em the best rips sofar

Others, such as “Happy Theme 08 Guitar Slow (V3)” required copious amounts of fixing. Something to keep in mind.

For contacting me you can either: • Comment right here on the community tab • Comment on the latest video (or the one in question) • use twitter ( @Utsukushiotosuk \ @ryedai1 (dormant)) • use IG (if I have it active) ( @aoikurayami1 \ @ryedai1 (dormant)) • Mail: [email protected] • Contactform: click • Comment page: click

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PS: For more answers, I wrote a FAQ some time ago.

Responsiveness of Audio files to Vocal isolation...

As of late it dawns upon me, that not every extraction model is suited for every song.

(In the beginning, I utilized Spleeter, but that is barely relevant nowadays)

The “goto” suite imo is “UVR5” a.k.a. Ultimate Vocal Remover 5. however even that has it's demerits, as it will cause voice shadows in certain language dubs (german f.ex) or crackles in frequency overly heavy song sections.

There exist other methods, which are applicable depending on the each track. To name a model with an example of where it worked well:

  • DemucsV3: “Kaiba Mokuba Conv” ( ) => Was able to lift even german vocals away from the mixdown without harming the result “Reversal” ( ) => left the instruments unharmed where all other methods struggled (!)

  • DANNA Sept: “KKJ Transformation 2” => Could split the source track into many stems, allowing to reapply chanting in the beginning (Which UVR5 f.ex. would eradicate)

  • DNR: “Sad Historie” ( ) and “Champion of Smiles” ( ) => Excellent in removing Soundeffects post splice and even UVR5 usage. ==> Was able to remove “Sad Historie's” rain sfx and the keyboard typing in CoS almost perfectly

  • MDX-B: “Consolation” ( ) => Very rare, almost “original quality” display of vox removal (sfx remain for now)

So, as it seems, there is no “magic bullet” for getting rid of vocals before resplicing. (Some songs actually depnd on vox removal prior repiecing, as there is almost nothing to work with in the original state)

I personally prefer to work with unaltered audio material, directly from the show in question, but in the end, sometimes one gotta do what one gotta do.

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Edit: 4.Oct.2022 For a ranking on models see:

AudioQuality across series formats

if you browse @repeekyraid_cero or @diarykeeper one thing might become glaringly obvious:

The audio quality of rips differs vastly. This is mostly because many shows are only available as webrip.

Some have DVD rips, and KKJ has a BD disk release (as of march 31th 2023) with an official ost release aswell.

Quality wise I'd rate em as:

repeekyraid_cero •Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0: VHS / Webrip (7/10) •Yu-Gi-Oh! S0 Movie : HQ DVD Rip (9/10) •ArtAttack (BigPicture): DVD Rip (8/10) •YGO 5DS: 1-24Ep HQ Rip (7.5/10) •YGO VRAINS: LQ Webrip (7.8/10) •YGO VRAINS Dub: LQ Webrip (6/10) •YGO DM Dub: LQ German Streamfiles (7/10) •YGO Arc-V: LQ WebRip (5.7/10) •Digimon Data Saver: LQ Webrip (5/10) •Aoi Bungaku: Webrip (6/10) •Transformers CyberTron: (9/10) •HunterXHunter: Webrip (6.7/10)

diarykeeper: •Ryuusei No Rockman: DatsSub Rip (7.5/10) •KamikazeKaitouJeanne: BD Disk (9.5/10) •Ajin: BD 5.1 Audio BD (10/10) •GanbareKickers: LQ German rip (6.5/10) •RockmanEXE: WolfPack rip (6.8/10)

Afaik Digimon has a DVD release, and HunterXHunter has a BD disk release up until the early seasons.

RyuuseiNoRockman & YGO S0 might be,stuck in LQ hell forever tho.

If I find better quality rips that'll improve the reconstruction by several magnitudes.

We'll see


Channel longevity in face of owner absence

While noone can predict the future of yt as platform, one has to wonder how channels are handled if their owners are absent, right ?

Technically speaking yt has strict rules (Note the “6 month” condition atop)

However as my old joke account (click ) -for which I looong forgot mail & password that is pretty much as old as his one (2007)–
is still around, and I haven't logged in to it since who knows how long, I can hope that this channel here, aswell as “repeekyraid cero” will fare similarly.

I personally believe YT might keep channels around as long as they keep people engaged, so lets hope that will be the case.

I do mirror everything on Soundcloud (under “ryedai1” every so often) and mediafire (see channel FAQ) and did add a lil hint to my website for emergencies ( dkpr ) so I know things will be online even if half the internet were to go down, but it would be reassuring to have this source here – that people are familiar with – stick around.

I try extra hard to avoid claims, by utilizing mere thumnails (free use ?) or self drawn images with ffmpeg generated EQs atop. The music itself should fall under “rearrangement” and be exempt of legal flaws.

Lets hope for the best:

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PS: It is kinda astounding that diarykeeper started as channel hosting “Haruhi Suzumiya episodes”... But I'm glad this channel finally has a purpose. (They have obviously been long removed by me, to avoid complications)